The Consortium

The H2Ref consortium is composed of six partners from four European countries (France, Germany, Norway, and United Kingdom) bringing together the key experience, knowledge base and resources necessary for reaching the objectives of the project with the work-plan proposed.


Haskel Hydrogen Systems is a dedicated function of Haskel (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand $US14 billion). Haskel is a high pressure system integrator, manufacturer of highly engineered high pressure fluid and gas handling equipment, with unique expertise acquired through over 75 years of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience, having already developed a product offer for hydrogen vehicle refuelling applications, including complete and fully integrated hydrogen refuelling systems.

A world class composite cylinder manufacturer, global leader in high pressure vessels in carbon composite with a plastic liner which is the only type of construction providing the cycle life needed for the H2Ref application, already the leading supplier of very high pressure vessels (up to 105 MPa) for HRS buffer storage, and a pioneer in the implementation of composite materials for the construction of hydro-pneumatic accumulators.

As the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries, the mission of CETIM is to increase competitiveness of the companies, to promote advanced technologies to its members. As technical centre, one important mission of CETIM is the technology transfer to their industrial members. CETIM is a leading testing laboratory and centre of expertise for the Mechanical Industry with particular expertise in hydraulics as well as in high pressure vessels structural health monitoring. In this project, CETIM will be associated with UTC (University of Technology of CompiËgne), which is a public institution specialized in science and technology, the main missions of which are education, research and transfer of technology, with a University Chair in hydraulics.

Originator of the H2REF concept; recognized expertise in hydrogen technologies, especially in the area of innovative high pressure systems for the distribution and dispensing of hydrogen as an energy carrier, as well as in the steering of technological development and standards development activities.

Recognized expertise in Regulations, Codes and Standards (CCS RCS) development and compliance in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and the strategic use of standardization in support of innovation.

Technology consultants†with over 30 years of experience in analysing and optimising industrial hydrogen applications with respect to technical and economic feasibility, with a thorough understanding of the challenges that need to be overcome for successful market introduction.