CCS Global

CCS is a global leader in Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS) development, and compliance in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. CCS has become a recognized champion in facilitating global harmonization of RCS, for the advancement of the Hydrogen Economy. CCS successfully led the “ISO Round Table on Global Harmonization of RCS for gaseous fuels and vehicles” in Geneva in 2007, as well as participating in the ISO President’s Forum on the Future of Vehicles that was held on 2 December 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. CCS personnel have over 30 years’ experience in standards development. The CCS personnel are recognized experts, specialising in the standards development processes of ISO, IEC and other bodies.

CCS is also recognized worldwide for its strategy consulting and consensus building capacity. On the compliance side, CCS has expertise in assisting companies in developing their products to meet national and international standards, including the CE mark. CCS is unique in the industry, with an excellent and strategically oriented overview of ISO and IEC standardization activities — as well as regulatory issues at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) level involved in Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Global Technical Regulations for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (GTR). The CCS Global Group Ltd., established in the UK in 2005, was a founding member of the Hydrogen Europe, and participated as an active partner in various FCH JU EC funded projects — such as HyTransfer, Mathryce, DeliverHy, HyComp, HyFacts, and others.