Haskel Hydrogen Systems (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand $US14 billion). Haskel Hydrogen Systems provide Hydrogen solutions around the world, building on our reputation of excellence in safety, quality and project execution. Haskel continues to expand its Hydrogen product offering, with an innovate range of standard fuelling solution ‘GENO’, and sees H2REF as the next step in their product evolution. Haskel Hydrogen Systems management team has over 25 years’ experience in Hydrogen and bring real life experience in the deployment of fuel cell infrastructure. Its goal is to continually redevelop leading edge, safe reliable fuel cell infrastructure. Haskel is a high pressure system integrator and manufacturer of highly engineered high pressure fluid and gas handling equipment, with unique expertise acquired through over 75 years of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience, having already developed a product offer for hydrogen vehicle refuelling applications, including complete and fully integrated hydrogen refuelling systems.

For over 70 years Haskel has been innovating within high pressure technology to a variety of high tech, quality sensitive industries, including aerospace upstream and defence. Since 2007, Haskel has been a supplier of over 250 Hydrogen refuelling solutions on a Global Basis. In 2010 Haskel, through customer demand, expanded its area of participation to fully integrated refuelling solutions to key market players such as Air Products, Air Liquide and major automotive OEM’s such as Toyota and Hyundai. The safe delivery of high-pressure gases is a core competency of Haskel; it’s what we do. In 2012, Haskel formed a specific industry group aligned to the growing demand for reproducible low-cost fuelling infrastructure. The company has since embarked on an aggressive growth platform, realizing the potential of marrying its long-term expertise with increasing global demand.

Product and processes have been expanded to meet the exacting standards associated with the rigours of (now) established SAE protocols, positioning Haskel as a preferred supplier to major public transport expansions within (particularly) Asian markets. Haskel differs from other infrastructure providers, in that it has derived the term molecule agnostic. Simply put, Haskel systems are designed to accept Hydrogen from almost any source, and the infrastructure supplied is independent of other products within its offering. Haskel does not supply infrastructure as enabling technology to secure sales of either gas or generators (electrolysers or reformers); Haskel consistently focusses on its core skill set, which is reflected in it P&L and balance sheet. This financial security offers end users the assuranceof tenure, in dealing with a profitable going concern expert in the introduction of infrastructure as a dedicated product line — as opposed to an emerging start up with hopes of becoming self-funding within 10 years. Haskel continues to innovate in its technology reinvesting in extensive R&D and innovation programmes, with a regular flow of updated solutions to its market base.