The Hexagon Group is divided into four business areas;

Agility Fuel Solutions, Hexagon Purus, Hexagon Mobile Pipeline and Hexagon Ragasco.

Agility Fuel Solutions is the leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Its products include energy storage and delivery systems, powertrain solutions and Type 4 composite cylinders. Agility’s products are designed and engineered for durability, performance, safety and reliability, providing both economic and environmental benefits to commercial vehicle fleets.

Hexagon Purus is the world leading supplier of lightweight composite high-pressure tanks and systems for storage and distribution of hydrogen, natural gas and biogas. Its solutions serve a wide range of mobility and storage applications, enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their competitive edge.

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline® solutions enable safe distribution of CNG, biogas and industrial gases and are increasingly used to provide gas delivery where a pipeline does not exist. The company’s product portfolio is the broadest in the market, comprised of the TITAN® and X-STORE® brands, representing the benchmark with regard to quality, weight, safety and payload for composite transport solutions.

Hexagon Ragasco is the leading manufacturer of low-pressure composite liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, used mainly for leisure activities, household use and industrial applications. An increased focus on safety, ease of use, high corrosion resistance and design is strengthening demand for composite LPG cylinders globally. A long-term customer-oriented approach has increased market penetration, improved capacity utilization and enabled expansion into new markets

A world class composite cylinder manufacturer, global leader in high pressure vessels in carbon composite with a plastic liner which is the only type of construction providing the cycle life needed for the H2Ref application, already the leading supplier of very high pressure vessels (up to 105 MPa) for HRS buffer storage, and a pioneer in the implementation of composite materials for the construction of hydro-pneumatic accumulators.

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