Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) is an expert consultant for sustainable energy and mobility. With our expertise bridging technologies, markets, and policy we support international clients from industry, finance, politics, and non-governmental organisations in strategy, feasibility, and market assessments. Our cutting-edge competence is based on over three decades of continuous experience, and on our interdisciplinary team of leading experts.

LBST supports its clients with SYSTEM & TECHNOLOGY STUDIES (techno-economic assessment; due diligence; energy and infrastructure concepts; feasibility studies), STRATEGY CONSULTING (product portfolio analysis, identifying new products and services; market analysis, decision support, and policy support), SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING (life cycle and carbon footprint analysis; natural resources assessment (energy, minerals, water, sustainability due diligence), COORDINATION (project management, monitoring and assessment) and CAPACITY BUILDING (studies, briefings, expert workshops, trainings).

LBST has particular expertise in energy (renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells) and mobility (fuels and drives, infrastructure, mobility concepts), with our work in sustainability cutting across all sectors. A key common denominator of all activities is the rigorous system approach, making sure all relevant elements of a tightly networked system are taken into account, providing our customers with a comprehensive and complete basis for their decisions. With our deep understanding of developments and technologies and our truly independent advice, we help our clients with sustainable decisions to secure their future.